Lana Del Rey’s ‘Lust For Life’ Trailer Is The Witchy, Old Hollywood Brew Her Fans Crave

Lana Del Rey has shared a witchy new trailer for her upcoming album Lust For Life and it’s everything fans could want from her. There’s grainy black-and-white footage, there’s intentional tape hiss. There’s old Hollywood vibes and some straight-up conjuring. And Lana floats above it all in a Cher Horowitz-style voice-over, explaining that she needed to take some time away to cook up the album.

“You know, in this town, an artist really needs a lot of space when they’re trying to create something special,” she said. “A place to cultivate a world of their own, far away from the real world that’s around them… Truthfully, when I’m in the middle of making a record, especially now when the world is in the middle of such a tumultuous period, I find I really need to take the space for myself far away from real life, to consider what my contribution to the world should be in these dark times.”

Lana ended the clip with a message that everything was going to be alright, especially once fans have a hold of her new album.

“Even though these times can feel a little bit crazy, they’re not so very different from what other generations have experienced at one time or another before,” she said. “Amidst all the uncertainty, and as we transition out of one era into another one, there’s no place I’d rather be than smack-dab in the middle of ‘Holly-weird’ making this record for you. Because you, and the music, and this place, are my love, my life, my lust for life.”

We’ve already heard the massive, cinematic single “Love” and we know that the Weeknd is involved with the title track. Other than that, we’ll just have to wait to hear what Del Rey wants us to hear.