Lauryn Hill Fights For Love On ‘Guarding The Gates,’ Her First Original Song In Six Years

Lauryn Hill hasn’t released a new, original, solo song in six years, since the release of “Consumerism” and “Neurotic Society” way back in 2013. She broke her silent streak today with the release of Queen And Slim: The Soundtrack, the musical companion to the new Lena Waithe-directed film starring Daniel Kaluuya and Jodie Turner-Smith. Lauryn’s contribution is an all-new song called “Guarding The Gates.” Check it out below.

The song is re-worked from one of its older, leaked iterations, leading off with what was once a hook, while the original intro has been moved to the position formerly occupied by the hook. The lyrics speak to societal anxieties, prescribing love as their cure. “Don’t you wish you had real love?” the singer wonders. It’s an intriguing counterpoint to the themes of the film, which follows a young, Black couple as they unexpectedly become Bonnie-and-Clyde-esque folk heroes after killing a police officer in self-defense on their first date.

The film doesn’t come out ’til November 27, but the soundtrack, which features tracks from Vince Staples, 6lack, and Mereba, Syd, Lil Baby, Burna Boy, Blood Orange, and Megan Thee Stallion, among others, is out today. The soundtrack and film score were both curated by Dev Hynes of Blood Orange.

Queen And Slim: The Soundtrack is out now via Motown Records. Get it here.