Lil Baby Accompanied The Family Of The Late George Floyd During A Visit To The White House

Tuesday marks exactly one year since George Floyd was tragically killed by Minnesota police officer Derek Chauvin. The incident sparked nationwide protests, with millions angry that yet another Black life was lost at the hands of police. Days later, Chauvin would be arrested and charged with second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter; in April, he was found guilty on all counts. Fast-forward to today and the family of the late George Floyd visited the White House to meet with President Joe Biden. They were also accompanied by Lil Baby.

Floyd’s family met with the president to discuss police legislation. Video provided by TMZ shows the rapper, when asked about the specifics of their meeting with President Biden, saying he was “trying to pass the George Floyd Police Act bill.” Shortly after a guilty verdict against Chauvin was reached, Biden asked lawmakers to revisit the bill, formally known as the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, which would ban chokeholds, make it easier to prosecute officers for fradulent offenses, and place restrictions on the use of deadly force.

This is not the first time Lil Baby has helped Floyd’s family. Back in December, he and former NBA basketball player Stephen Jackson threw a birthday party for Floyd’s daughter, Giana, with help from Atlanta restauranteurs Ericka and William Platt of Restaurant Ten and Rosie’s Café.