It Looks Like Kanye West And Lil Baby Are Making Music Together Following Their Misunderstanding

Recently, Kanye West and Lil Baby found themselves in the middle of a misunderstanding. In part of a recent Twitter spree, Kanye noted that Baby, who he called his “favorite rapper,” wasn’t interested in working with him, writing, “Lil baby my favorite rapper but won’t do a song wit me.” Meanwhile, Baby was confused by that and pleaded ignorance, responding on Twitter, “Nobody told me ye was trying to get me on a song. that’s fucced up.” He added in a tweet to Kanye, “no disrespect nobody told me.”

Since that confusion, it appears the two have figured things out and met up.

Days after that Twitter exchange, Baby shared a video of himself getting off a plane, and many believed his flight landed him in Wyoming to meet up with Kanye. Now, a photo of the two has surfaced, in which they are surrounded by audio and production equipment. In the picture, Baby wears a huge smile and Kanye also sports an expression that indicates he hearing something and liking it.

While this is far from confirmation that the two are creating or will release new collaborative material, seeing them in the same room is at least a positive sign for fans hoping to hear the two link up on a track (as long as Kanye coughs up $100k, that is).