Lil Dicky Is On A Romantic Mission To Become ‘Mr. McAdams’ On A Special Song From The ‘Dave’ Soundtrack

In the third season of FX’s Dave, which premiered this past April, rapper Lil Dicky plays a fictional version of himself, navigating tour life and adjusting to fame. In a special episode this season, Dicky attends the MET Gala for the first time. Feeling like an outsider in the A-list crowd, Dicky steps out of the dining room and into the main hallways for a brief moment, where he meets actress Rachel McAdams.

Over the course of the subsequent episodes, the two develop a fling, inspiring Dicky to write a new single, “Mr. McAdams.”

“Mr. McAdams / Rachel they gon’ call me Mr. McAdams / I’ll take your name girl, facts / It’s insanely farfetched / I ain’t playing, why you think I’ve been rapping / To be Mr. McAdams, say yes,” Dicky rap sings on the song’s chorus.

Getting McAdams for this season of Dave was obviously a big ask. In an interview with Variety, Dicky opened up about taking risks with each episode, and how rewarding it was to watch pan out in real time.

“…I’m excited about where the show can go next,” said Dicky. “There’s so much room to grow for me personally, and for the character in the show and for the stories that we’re telling. And I feel very well-equipped to continue telling those stories.”

You can listen to “Mr. McAdams” above.

Penith (The Dave Soundtrack) is out 1/19/2024 via BMG. Find more information here.