Lil Durk Avoids Phony Friends In His Paranoid ‘Backdoor’ Video

After taking some time off to mourn the death of his late friend and labelmate King Von, Lil Durk returned last night with the release of a surprising music video for his new song “Backdoor.” Featuring the usual trademarks of his videos — jewelry, cars, and Durk’s crew — “Backdoor” sees Durk copping even more chunky necklaces for his collection, including one resembling Von’s signature O’Block chain. Durk also gets lined up by his barber, who helps keep him looking fresh as he smokes a cigar in the studio.

“Backdoor” may be Durk’s first solo single since releasing “The Voice” in September, but 2020 has turned out to be the Chicago rapper’s busiest year yet. While he’s always been something of a local celebrity, he received national exposure on a whole new level when Drake recruited him to contribute a verse to his buzzing single “Laugh Now, Cry Later” this summer.

Durk also expanded his range with verses alongside rising stars Bia (on “Same Hands“) and Queen Naija (on “Lie To Me“), further solidifying the growth of his brand. He also worked with some of the other biggest rappers to drop this year on collabs with Gunna on “Gucci Gucci,” and Lil Baby and local rising star Polo G on “3 Headed Goat.” His album, The Voice, is supposedly still in the works and on track for a 2020 release. A leaked version suggested it’s at least close to being finished but may also prompt Durk to wait for the new year to official drop.

Watch Lil Durk’s “Backdoor” video above.