Lil Durk Joins Bia As Her Partner-In-Crime In Their ‘Same Hands’ Video

Lil Durk is arguably having the strongest year of his career, and with it comes a new music video. The Chicago artist landed his highest-charting album with Just Cause Y’all Waited 2, as it debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard albums chart. Soon after he released a deluxe re-issue of the album with seven new songs.

His biggest moment of the year, however, came beside Drake as the two connected for their “Laugh Now, Cry Later” song and video, one that is set as the lead single to the Toronto rapper’s upcoming sixth album. Supplying yet another guest feature to the music world, Lil Durk joins Bia in her new video for “Same Hands.”

In the video, Lil Durk plays the role of Bia’s partner-in-crime who is often confused as his love interest.

“I don’t trust her, I just stay with her,” he raps on the song adding, “I don’t even go on dates with her.”

The bigger picture between the two is ensuring the money keeps pouring in and to do that, Bia alludes to her ability to play both sides of the game. “Crushin’ up the drugs with the same hands, that I fix to pray with,” she says on the song. Playing to her friendly side well enough to keep Durk around, she uses him to help execute a home invasion in what looks like a small cabin in the middle of nowhere. Successfully completing the job, the two drive off, but not without disposing the evidence first.