Lil Nas X ‘Accidentally Fell In Love’ With A ‘Cute Homophobic Guy’ Who Protested His Concert

Lil Nas X knows how to handle every possible situation. So it wasn’t surprising that his response to angry conservatives protesting his Boston show on September 18 was funny—“just told my team to send them pizza, this is really good promo!” he posted. That wasn’t the end of it.

Today, he tweeted: “Can’t stop thinking about the cute homophobic guy that was protesting my concert last night. i just know we had a connection. i miss him so much man. i’m nothing without him.”

In a video posted to social media, the protestors were holding Christian-themed signs outside the concert venue (Fenway Park) and one of them was speaking about related topics into a microphone. The protestors didn’t seem to directly address Nas, but the timing and topic of their message — as well as the location, in front of the Ipswich Street Garage near where fans were lining up to get into the show — seemingly confirm they were there in opposition of the rapper.

Often Lil Nas X uses his humor to bring attention to issues. He shared a clip of him singing “F*ck BET” after criticizing their nomination choices for lack of representation: “This is about the bigger problem of homophobia in the black community. Y’all can sit and pretend all u want but imma risk it all for us.”