Lil Nas X Literally Gives Birth To His Album ‘Montero’ In A Hilarious New Promo Video

Over the past couple weeks, Lil Nas X has handled the lead-up to his new album Montero as brilliantly and entertainingly as anybody ever has. It started earlier this month, when he shared some “maternity” photos, for which he made use of prosthetics to give himself a pregnant-looking belly. He went on to share a baby registry (full of charities to support) and declare yesterday that, with his album release just hours away, he was having contractions.

Sure enough, when the album was released at midnight last night, the rapper “gave birth” to the album in a new promo video. In the clip, Nas moans and groans as he’s wheeled through a hospital, on the brink of giving birth. Gags abound before he finally delivers the baby… which unfortunately for him was the vinyl edition instead of something easier to push out, like a CD or cassette tape.

As he holds his new bundle of joy, the proud parent says through sighs of relief, “It’s already Grammy-nominated.”

He had some other stellar promotional tactics outside of the whole pregnancy story line, like his series of parody billboards.

Check out the Montero “birth” video above.

Montero is out now via Columbia. Get it here.