Lil Pump Was Reportedly Banned From JetBlue Airlines For Refusing To Wear A Mask

With a greater emphasis on safety measures while flying, airlines have no tolerance for customers who don’t comply — even if they’re a famous rapper. Over the weekend, Lil Pump was reportedly banned from flying JetBlue airlines after he refused to wear a mask on his flight.

Per a recent report from TMZ, Pump was headed to LA from his Fort Lauderdale residence when he refused to comply with their mandatory face mask requirement. Apparently, the rapper took his mask off mid-flight and began to cough and sneeze into a blanket. Pump was dealt with “firmly” by crew members and was reportedly getting so heated that flight attendants had to call LAX to have police officers on site at touch down.

It seems that Pump eventually calmed down as no arrest was ever made at the airport — but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t outraged at the situation. Shortly after the incident, Pump posted a short clip to social media expressing his anger at the airlines’ policies. He continued to assert his refusal to wear a mask and falsely claimed COVID-19 is “fake.”

While JetBlue was the target of Pump’s frustration over the weekend, the rapper has previously been focused on hating on Eminem for no apparent reason. Following the release of Eminem’s Music To Be Murdered By (Deluxe) LP, Pump has some not-so-kind words for the veteran rapper. “I woke up on bullsh*t today, I’m back on my f*ck sh*t,” Pump said in an Instagram video on Christmas Eve. “You lame as hell. Ain’t nobody listening to your old ass. You lame as f*ck, b*tch.”