Lil Pump Woke Up And Decided To Attack Eminem Today: ‘F*ck Eminem, You Lame As F*ck, B*tch’

Lil Pump woke up today with Eminem on his mind.

Though it’s almost become a rite of passage for young rappers (or Mariah Carey) to pick a fight with Eminem anymore, Pump’s assessment of Em’s work is pretty harsh, even for detractors. “I woke up on bullsh*t today, I’m back on my f*ck sh*t,” Pump said in an Instagram video, captured and posted to the grid by DJ Akademiks. “You lame as hell. Ain’t nobody listening to your old ass. You lame as f*ck, b*tch.”

While Pump has been catching a lot of flack in recent months for supporting Donald Trump’s campaign for re-election — and because Trump mistakenly refered to him as “Lil Pimp” — Eminem has actually been having a very productive year. He led the charge among rappers against Trump and openly supported Biden, kicked off the year by releasing the surprise album Music To Be Murdered By, and released a companion surprise album to that record, Music To Be Murdered By Side B just a few days ago.

No real word on what prompted Pump’s dismissal of Em, but it seems unlikely the legendary Detroit rapper will even bother with responding to this one-off Instagram diss.