Lil Wayne Helps Kick Off The New Baseball Season With ‘Ball Game’

Baseball is back as the MLB began its 2021 season yesterday. The league got some help kicking things off courtesy of Lil Wayne: To help get fans excited for a new year of baseball, the rapper made an original new song called “Ball Game,” which is a take on the classic “Take Me Out To The Ball Game.”

The track packs in a bunch of lyrical references to baseball. Wayne begins, “Take me out to the game, yeah / Take me out to the ball park / This a home run, I hit it far-far / Knock it out the park, hit a parked car / Root, root for the home team / It’s a cool game with a warm heart / And some high heat in the sweet spot / It’s a grand slam, it’s a walk off.”

Wayne has a bit of experience on the diamond, as he threw out the first pith at a Miami Marlins game in 2018. Some celebrity first pitches live in infamy, but Wayne’s was fairly innocuous: He one-hopped his throw, but it went right over the plate and was an uneventful moment, which is about as good an outcome as a first pitch thrower can hope for.

All in all, the new song is a far stronger effort than Wayne put in with his recent Burger King promotion.

Check out “Ball Game” above.