Lil Wayne Got Emotional Recounting An On-Stage Moment With A Make-A-Wish Fan At The Lil Weezyana Festival

Weezy F Baby and the ‘F’ stands for — “feelings?” Over his nearly-30-year career, Lil Wayne has maintained a tough exterior with his brash lyrics and nonchalant attitude. However, during a sit-down interview with journalist Megan Ryte, the “Lollipop” rapper peeled back one of his many layers to expose one of his areas of vulnerability.

With several hit songs to his name, the Young Money leader has amassed a broad fan base which includes 10-year-old Donovan ‘DJ’ Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick, who has hypoplastic left heart syndrome, joined the rap star on stage at his annual Lil Weezyana Festival thanks in part to the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Emotional about meeting DJ, the on-air host asked the importance behind that moment, to which Lil Wayne replied, “I’ve never been a part of a Make-A-Wish situation, but I know all about them. Those kids — their days are so important. Their days are so vital. So, one of you wanna spend one of your days with me?”

He continued, “After the show, I was able to look him in his eyes and tell [DJ], ‘You know, no matter how many people were out in the crowd tonight — no matter how many people were standing to my left and to my right on stage — it was you.'”

This year’s Lil WeezyAna Festival featured performances from Rick Ross, a guest appearance by Drake, and tragically, the last performance from the late Takeoff alongside Quavo.

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