Lil Wayne Shares A Flamboyant Video For His ‘Funeral’ Standout, ‘Mama Mia’

Lil Wayne began the year on a high note, thanks to the release of his Funeral album. The album presented 24 songs from the legendary rapper, plus a wide array of bonus tracks from Lil Baby, Big Sean, Adam Levine, The Dream and more. Funeral would eventually land a No. 1 spot on the Billboard albums chart, despite the mixed reviews it received from fans. However, many would agree that one of the album’s peaks was “Mama Mia.”And now, a month after Funeral dropped, Wayne has delivered a video for it.

In the video, Wayne makes outfit and scene changes based on references he drops throughout the song. When he mentions plumbers, Wayne is seen sitting on a gold toilet as dancers stand behind him wielding gold toilet plungers. At the mention of Hogwarts, Wayne then transitions into his best wizard costume, then throws on a Wu-Tang hoodie to coincide with his Raekwon line not long after. He continues this for the duration of the video.

The video arrives after Wayne teamed up with Lil Baby for their “Forever” video, off of Baby’s My Turn album. Previously, he had also joined Chance The Rapper to perform “No Problem” at the NBA All-Star Game.

You can watch the video above.