‘F*ck Sean Paul,’ Lil Yachty Said While Making It ‘Very Clear’ That He Doesn’t ‘F*ck With Sean Paul’

Lil Yachty neither forgives nor forgets, it appears: Sean Paul once threw shade at Yachty, and Yachty still isn’t cool with Paul.

Yachty recently shared the debut episode of A Safe Place, his new podcast co-hosted by MitchGoneMad. In the June 28 episode, Yachty and Mitch discussed “falling off,” with Mitch bringing up Sean Paul. Yachty responded, “Nobody ever said Sean Paul fell off. They just stopped making music. I don’t think they’re still dropping music… By the way, f*ck Sean Paul. I want to make that very clear, I don’t f*ck with Sean Paul. Sean Paul once dissed me in a radio interview.”

The interview Yachty’s talking about (as Complex notes) is a 2016 appearance on The Breakfast Club, not long after Yachty claimed he couldn’t name five songs by the Notorious B.I.G. or Tupac. Paul said, “If it was really about talent in the hip hop industry, you wouldn’t have some of these younger cats talking that […] the Lil Yachty dem. The ‘boat boy.’ I mean, I don’t know much of the dude’s music either. I don’t like his comments. Those are artists I revere. I understand that probably kids don’t care about writing right now. I understand they don’t know where hip-hop started.”

Watch the full episode above.