Lil Yachty Sings The New ‘Saved By The Bell’ Theme Song For The Series’ Revival

The hit sitcom Saved By The Bell is just a week away from a reboot season. While the revival series is staying true to its roots, several aspects of the show are seeing an upgrade — including its theme song. For the new Saved By The Bell opening tune, producers tapped Lil Yachty to lend his vocals.

The original Saved By The Bell theme song boasts energetic piano keys and a spirited saxophone, but the updated version gets a bit of a facelift. While the new song keeps the same lyrics, its instrumentals are modernized with electric guitar, a trap-adjacent beat, and Yachty’s recognizable vocals.

In a statement about the new theme song, the show’s executive producer Tracey Wigfield praised Yachty for his talent and humor. “We were so excited to have Lil Yachty update the original Saved By The Bell theme song,” Wigfield said. “Besides being cool and catchy, his music has a great sense of humor, which I really appreciate. I was less excited when he said he wanted to do it because his mom was a big fan of the show because that made me feel 100 years old.”

Yachty’s Saved By The Bell project isn’t the only TV show he’s worked on. The rapper recently appeared on The Eric Andre Show to join Jpegmafia and Trippie Redd for a Rapper Warrior Ninja segment. The rappers were tasked with completing an obstacle course while continuing to freestyle the entire time. Yachty came close to completing the challenge, but bailed when he came too close to something that looked suspiciously like poop.

Listen to Yachty’s Saved By The Bell theme song here.

The Saved By The Bell revival premieres 11/25 on Peacock. Watch it here.