Lil Yachty’s ‘The Paradigm’ Shift Is A Marvel To Witness On Netflix’s ‘Leave The World Behind’ Soundtrack

Lil Yachty’s rockstar days are far from over. On his latest album, Let’s Start Here, the musician aimed to break free of his “Soundcloud rapper” label by making a sharp turn into psychedelic rock. With the past releases “Another Late Night” with Drake and “The Secret Recipe” with J. Cole, Yachty demonstrated that he can still rap with the top dogs.

However, he dips back into rock for his appearance on Netflix’s Leave The World Behind soundtrack. The featured record, “The Paradigm,” blends Yachty’s rap and rock sonics. “My baby a real geeker / My baby a real geeker / Baby off a 60, lookin’ pissy / I don’t drink no trissy, sh*t get tricky / Call them boys in person, sh*t got sticky / F*ckin’ up a sack, on that p*ssy / Give me the light,” melody sings Yachty.

Listen to “The Paradigm” above. But “The Paradigm” isn’t the only new release from Lil Yachty. On the rap front, Yachty linked with producer Southside for his new single, “Gimme Da Light.” Despite the track’s title, the song isn’t in any way a tipping of the hat toward his foe Sean Paul’s dance hall classic.

Check out Southside & Lil Yacthy’s “Gimme Da Light” below.