Spike’s ‘Lip Sync Battle’ Is Getting A Live Special To Raise The Cable Lip Sync Stakes

The Spike staple Lip Sync Battle isn’t the best lip sync battle showcase on television (that distinction belongs to RuPaul’s Drag Race), but it does feature a sparkling sh*tload of stars and who are we to deny that? Nobody, that’s who. We like our celebrity lip sync goof-em-ups and now imagined pressure will be on the participants courtesy of a freshly announced live special.

Billboard reports that Lip Sync Battle (or as Ashlee Simpson calls it: The Show That Was A Decade Late) will be getting its own live special on September 11. Featuring the appropriately grandiose title Lip Sync Battle: All Stars, the upcoming special is slated to feature such previous champs as John Legend, Terry Crews and Olivia Munn. Fan voting will determine the winner of the all-star battle and one of the losers may be forced to wash LL Cool J’s old “Phenomenon” video gear. (Just speculation on our part. We hope for the sake of the contestants we’re way off.)

In addition to the upcoming special, Lip Sync Battle is also slated to return for its third season a month later. October 12 is the current landing date for the program’s season premiere. We recommend famous folk call in their favors in advance.

(Via Billboard)