Logic Announces That He’s Working On A New Album Called ‘Vinyl Days’

Logic’s last album arrived in 2020 with No Pressure, a project that was billed as his last album after he announced his plans to retire from hip-hop. That retirement was quite short as Logic returned with new music the following year. Over the course of 2021, he released a collection of singles like “Tired In Malibu,” “No Vaccine,” and “My Way.” He also released three songs with Madlib as the rapper-producer duo MadGic. With that being said, it was safe to say that Logic is back in action, and for his first move in 2022, the rapper returned with an announcement for those hoping for more music this year.



In a post to Instagram, Logic shared what he’s been working on so far this year. “I’m working on a new album called Vinyl Days,” he captioned the video. The post itself captures Logic working on a beat. “This is JAY-Z‘s microphone,” he says to start the video as he removes the microphone from its case. “No I.D. gave it to me.” Logic then begins recording sound effects with his mouth before adding them to a beat as it plays. His longtime producer 6ix also joins him in the video.

Logic also shared a snippet of the title track from “Vinyl Days” in a later post. “From dawn to dusk,” Logic raps to begin the snippet. “Hit the homie Mac Demarco like, ‘What up, my man?’/ I need some raw sh*t.” It remains to be seen when Logic will release Vinyl Days, but based on the snippet, the project seems to hold a sound that’s similar to his early Young Sinatra mixtapes.

You can view Logic’s posts about Vinyl Days in the videos above.