Lucky Daye And Leon Bridges Try To Get Through To Their Self-Centered Lovers On ‘All About You’

Lucky Daye and Leon Bridges entered the R&B and soul world about a half decade apart with Leon’s entrance coming in 2015 courtesy of his Coming Home debut while Lucky’s came in 2019 with his Painted debut. While one may not have paired the two artists together initially, the two have a bit more in common than expected. They both hail from the South, with Leon and Lucky calling Fort Worth and New Orleans home, respectively, and both were also nominated for Grammy awards for their debut albums. Now the two singers come together for their first-ever collaboration, a soulful number entitled “All About You.”

Lucky and Leon first teased the track last week in a photo that presented the two singers on stage together with a drum set and keyboard setup behind them. Delivering the truck without making their fans wait too long for it, “All About You” finds them voicing their frustrations about a partner who only seems to care about themselves and their feelings. “It’s all about you / It ain’t about me,” Lucky and Leon sing on the track. “I got feelings too / That you clearly can’t see.” Frustrated with their failed attempts to appeal to their love interest, they are both pushed closer and closer to the decision of moving on to make themselves happy.

“All About You” follows Leon Bridge’s “Sweeter” single, which served as a celebration of Blackness in his Texas hometown. As for Lucky Daye, the track is his third collaboration of the year following “Can You Blame Me” with Kehlani and “Faces” with Buddy.

You can listen to “All About You” in the video above.

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