Fans Celebrate Mac Miller’s ‘Faces’ Mixtape Finally Hitting Streaming Services But Lament Missing Samples

While a good handful of Mac Miller albums can be heard on streaming services, they alone offer an incomplete picture of the late rapper’s career. Miller released more mixtapes than he did albums, after all, but due to the non-commercial nature of those releases, they’re mostly not available on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. Now, though, it just became a lot easier to listen to a Miller classic: 2014’s Faces — his final mixtape, excluding the 2015 Larry Fisherman release Run-On Sentences: Vol. 2 — is now streaming, as was announced last month.

Fans are excited, but they’re also noticing that this version of Faces isn’t exactly the mixtape they remember. For example, one fan on the r/MacMiller subreddit shared a list of samples that don’t appear on the streaming version of the album, including dialogue from Bill Murray, Hunter S. Thompson, and Charles Bukowski.

One fan tried to see the positive side, though, commenting, “I mean it kinda sucks that these couldn’t get cleared but as long as all the beats and rhymes are unchanged then I’m cool with it.” However, other fans replied to note that some of the production on Faces actually is different. One said of “New Faces v2,” “Should have titled it new faces v3 lol. Really the 808s are just a bit heavier and start like 10 seconds sooner.”

Hear the changes for yourself by streaming Faces below.

Mac Miller is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.