Meek Mill Wants Tekashi 69 To Apologize For Snitching On His Livestream

Meek Mill isn’t happy about Tekashi 69’s planned livestream on Instagram later today. Meek, who repeatedly criticized the young New York rapper through 2019, making a show of unfollowing him on social media and calling him “vicious” for “starting all that drama and start telling,” once again vented his frustration with the controversial performer in the wake of Tekashi’s recent actions.

After being released from federal custody early to avoid a possible COVID-19 breakout behind bars and subsequently being granted permission to resume “work related” recording activities — including shooting videos in his backyard for two hours a day — Tekashi announced his return to the rap game with a billboard in Times Square and a livestream on Instagram later today to debut his new music. However, Meek Mill wants none of that; he only wants to see Tekashi do one thing with his Instagram Live appearance.

“I hope that rat going live to apologize to the people he told on or the victim,” he wrote. “Y’all forgot that fast a “rat” killed nipsey he wasn’t suppose to be on the streets! That’s the only thing ima day because he’s dead… left his baby mom and child like a coward as targets!”

However, Meek’s comments drew some criticism of their own as fans wondered how Meek made a connection between two unrelated events that took place nearly 3,000 miles apart.

As for Tekashi himself, he doesn’t seem too miffed by Meek’s reaction. In a comment on an Instagram post about Meek’s tweet on The Shade Room, 69 joked, “Imagine having a newborn baby come into the world and be pressed about a Mexican with rainbow hair.” One thing is for certain: Tekashi’s comeback is drawing just as much attention as his initial breakout and downfall. It looks like he might be here to stay.

Watch Tekashi’s livestream today at 3pm EST.

Meek Mill is a Warner Music artist. .