Megan Thee Stallion Explains Why She Compares Herself To Horror Icon Jason Voorhees

Megan Thee Stallion has made it clear, pretty much since Day 1 of her being a recognizable public figure, that she’s really into horror movies. In fact, she actually sees some of herself in one of the genre’s biggest faces (well, covered faces): Jason Voorhees of the Friday The 13th franchise.

In a new interview with CR Fashionbook, Meg was asked what famous horror villain she would be if she had to pick, and she responded, “I would be Jason, because no matter how hard my haters try to take me out, I keep coming back harder!”

She also noted of American Horror Story, “Oh my God, I love American Horror Story. I watched each episode as they came out weekly on FX. I loved the first season, Murder House. It had to be my favorite season.”

Elsewhere during the conversation, she pulled back the curtain a bit on her upcoming album, saying, “This album has been the most emotional to make. I’m finally opening up about things I’ve never publicly spoken about. I’m nervous and excited for my fans to hear this side of my personality. ”

Check out the interview here.

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