Megan Thee Stallion Is Working With Netflix On A Comedy Series Loosely Based On Her Life

The Netflix Is A Joke comedy festival is gearing up to launch their ten-day event, and even though massive layoffs in their editorial departments this week might put a damper on the fest, it is still continuing as planned. The massive streamer is well-known, at this point, for launching its own original content, and the platform’s head of comedy, Tracey Pakosta, gave an extensive interview with Deadline about future plans in advance of this year’s festival. Though Pakosta has lots to say in the lengthy feature, what might be most interesting for rap fans is a tidbit about the streamer’s current deal with Megan Thee Stallion, which includes a first look clause.

According to Pakosta, Megan came into meetings with Netflix with a concept already in place. “It’s very early stages,” Pakosta cautioned, before letting fans know the scoop anyway: “She came in and she pitched something loosely based on her life growing up, and we got very excited about it. We think she’s special.” Based on what we know about what Megan has already gone through in her life, losing her mom right when her rap career was blowing up, a little humor injected into the story will be necessary. But there’s almost no one funnier than the “Plan B” rapper at the moment, and she could easily carry a series. And maybe Netflix could hire back some of those writers to help work on it? Just a thought.