Megan Thee Stallion Takes Normani To Prom For Her Snapchat Show ‘Off Thee Leash’

Everywhere you look, Megan Thee Stallion is there. And honestly? Former Fifth Harmony member turned breakout star Normani isn’t too far behind. The pair previously worked together on the song “Diamonds,” off the Birds Of Prey soundtrack, and it seems like they’ve developed a pretty tight bond. Which makes their latest bit of content together just that much cuter.

As part of Megan’s new collaboration with Snapchat on a short series called Off Thee Leash, she decided to do an episode with Normani. And once she found out that Normani missed her own prom because of touring with aforementioned girl group, there was nothing left to do but throw the “Wild Side” singer an idyllic prom. In the clip, Normani mentions that she might decide to turn one of her birthday parties into a full-on prom in the future, so this might not be the last prom-themed Normani we ever get.

Back to the most important aspect — Off Thee Leash is a show about pets, so Normani brings her dog, Sir Dior, with her during the episode. Fellow dog lovers will definitely appreciate his big, slobbering presence in the short. But Normani’s excitement about finally experiencing prom, broken corsage and all, is definitely the highlight. Watch above.