Melli And 6lack Watch An Ex Regret Their Mistakes In Their Confident ‘You Ain’t Worth It’ Video

History has proven the saying “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone” to be true more times than not. However, just in case you need an additional piece of evidence, Melii and 6lack have provided just that for you through their new video for “You Ain’t Worth It.”

The track itself finds both artists dismissing their old flames and the visual falls right in line with the song’s theme. It begins with Melii locked into an argument with what becomes her ex all to pick up her things to join her new lover who seems to treat her much better than her past lover. The two go on their separate paths until they run into each other at a basement party. Melii is cozied up with her new partner while her old one stands afar and watches another man enjoy what was once his.

As for 6lack, the Atlanta singer stays out of the mess and resorts to a rooftop to sing from the perspective of the new man who picked up what another one fumbled. At the end of it all, Melii’s ex is left to regret his mistakes while the singer herself moves on to enjoy the greener pastures ahead of her. In a press statement, Melii explained why she chose 6lack for the song. The reason I chose 6LACK was because the beat was very much his vibe,” she said. “I wanted somebody that would bring a chill-type of vibe but still spit in that sh*t.”

Well, based on the song and video, it’s clear she made the right choice as “You Ain’t Worth It” lines up to be the perfect launching pad towards her upcoming sophomore project.

You can watch the “You Ain’t Worth It” video above.