Mike Dean Announced Another Joint Album With The Weeknd Is On The Way, But Not Until He Finishes ‘Utopia’

Mike Dean has a lot on his plate. Earlier this year, he shared his new album 4:23, which was produced by The Weeknd. Abel Tesfaye has been at the center of conversation with The Idol finally airing, and Dean also collaborated with him for the soundtrack. Now he has even more on the way.

“Thank you,” he tweeted in response to a fan. “I’m on tour. Finishing utopia. And doing another mike dean / weeknd album.”

Utopia is the highly anticipated new album from Travis Scott, which Dean is confirmed to be mastering. So far, it’s rumored to have a Bad Bunny feature. “I had to come down and play Utopia for the [Houston Astros] boys in the locker room,” Scott said about it in May. “I had to get them right for the game. Finished and mastered, Mark. You know how we do, Mark. from the clubhouse to the stu.”

Music from The Idol is still rolling out with each episode. “I was planning on dropping the whole soundtrack for [The Idol] by the finale, but I’m too hyped… instead, I wanna drop new music from the show every week with each episode,” Tesfaye captioned an Instagram post. “I’m excited for you guys to hear what we’ve been cooking and all these incredible artists that are a part of this show… this week… Jocelyn’s pop song ‘world class sinner’ and ‘the lure’ (theme score)… episode 2 this Sunday [purple devil emoji].”