You Can Buy A $20 Condom From Miley Cyrus’ Merch Store

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Miley Cyrus released a new EP, She Is Coming, last Friday. The first in a trio of upcoming releases, She Is Coming is a return to the hip-hop-influenced sound of her 2013 record Bangerz.

As its title might suggest, some of the songs on She Is Coming are pretty racy, and some new items added to Cyrus’ merch store definitely reflect that. For $50, you can get your pick of several message hoodies — one with “I Love My P*ssy, That Means I Got Cattitude” (a lyric from her song “Cattitude“) printed on it, and another with “Phone Sex Is Safe Sex.” Or, if you’d like an even more utilitarian merch purchase, you can buy an official Miley Cyrus branded condom for $20.

Yes, $20. The condom is wrapped in black plastic, emblazoned with the EP title and a phone number. (When you call the number, Cyrus tells you to treat others with “more gratitude, less attitude.”) $20 seems steep for one (obviously single-use) condom, but the merch bundle also includes a digital download of She Is Coming, which accounts for six of the dollars. But for fans who’d like to wear their support of Miley Cyrus, uh, everywhere, it’s a small price to pay. Your move, Kacey Musgraves.

Check out Miley Cyrus’ new merch on her website.