Kacey Musgraves’ Merch Store Is Selling A Popsocket Featuring That Iconic Meme


Kacey Musgraves may have topped our 2018 Critics Poll and won the Grammy for Album Of The Year, but the singer has kept a sense of humor through all that critical success.

Musgraves, who went viral last week after her incredulous face became the world’s most versatile meme, is now selling a popsocket featuring the iconic image.

The phone accessory, listed as “Kacey Memegraves Popsocket” on the singer’s website, retails for $14.99. It’s kind of pricey for a piece of plastic that only makes it slightly less likely you’ll drop your phone onto a stranger’s lap on the train — but you can’t put a price on history, can you?

Musgraves’ progressive country hasn’t gotten as much radio play as her male counterparts who prefer singing about hunting, fishing, and how they shouldn’t have cheated on their ex-wives, but the attention from her Grammy win is starting to change that. Her newest single, “Rainbow,” is charting on Billboard country and mainstream charts, and it’s nearly impossible to get tickets to the remaining dates of her Oh, What A World Tour.

The meme merch is a keepsake to remember this moment where mainstream country music finally seems to be embracing the innovative, empathetic artists who are breaking open the genre. Also, it’s just a hilarious picture.

Check out the popsocket on Musgraves’ merch store website.