Miley Cyrus Performed Her Song From ‘Black Mirror’ And Brought Out Lil Nas X At Glastonbury

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Miley Cyrus has had a busy past few months. The pop icon starred in her very own episode of Netflix’s Black Mirror and dropped a new EP SHE IS COMING. Cyrus mixing her talents as an actress and singer on the Netflix serial has given her a new song to play live, as was the case when the singer performed at Glastonbury Festival. Cyrus put on an energetic show and played her song from Black Mirror, “On A Roll.” She also brought out Lil Nas X with her father to perform “Old Town Road” and sang covers of Amy Winehouse and Dolly Parton.

Miley surprised the crowd when she played the hook of, “Old Town Road,” and her father Billy Ray Cyrus walked out on stage. Shortly after, Lil Nas X made his appearance and the trio sang a rendition of the hit song.

Miley made a quick outfit change and assumed her Ashley O character from Black Mirror, complete with a pink wig. She then performed Ashley O’s Nine Inch Nails spinoff “On A Roll.”

The pop star also took some time on the stage to pay a tribute to late singer Amy Winehouse. Miley performed her own rendition of Winehouse’s popular song “Back To Black.”

Miley Cyrus also took some stage time to shout out the country icon Dolly Parton. Miley performed a cover of “Jolene” with Mark Robinson on the keys.