Miley Cyrus’ Closes Out Her Performances On ‘SNL’ With The Stirring ‘I Would Die For You’

Miley Cyrus’ new album Younger Now saw her leaving behind her foray into hip-hop on Bangerz and taking a page out of her daddy’s book. Several of the songs off this album veer toward the country side of things, and her raspy alto is right at home in that arena. Given Dolly Parton is her godmother, what other co-signs from the genre does she need? Her second performance of the night on Saturday Night Live was the very stirring “I Would Die For You.”

Where she started out with “Bad Mood” as a sort of rough, ready, and wild opening to her dual performances, she slowed things down and brought out the newer Miley Cyrus we are still getting used on Younger Now The duality of both performances really shows what Cyrus is offering on Younger Now, even if it almost bangs you over the head with the black and white symbolism.

Cyrus might’ve been the strongest part of the night for SNL, with the former Disney starlet bringing quality to the musical stage and carrying her own on the sketch side too — though she’s had plenty of experience there in the past. Still a shame that Vanessa Bayer has left the show, taking The Miley Cyrus Show with her.

(Via SNL)