YG And Lil Wayne Reminisce Over Friendships Past On Their New Song, ‘Miss My Dawgs’

A little over two months after dropping his sixth studio album, I Got Issues, YG has shared a new single. On “Miss My Dawgs,” the Compton rapper reminisces on friendships that have come and gone over the years.

“Man, I miss my dawgs / The ones I pick up for, ain’t never missed a call / Plottin’ to get it poppin’, we had plans to get it all / Wishin’ you was here, dawg, to ride these foreign cars,” raps YG on the song’s chorus.

In the first verse, he recalls the loyalty of his friends and elaborates on what makes someone genuine, saying, “My dawg is one who ride for me / They wouldn’t try me for a body, they gon’ slide for free / Wherever I be steppin’, they on side of me / Bros over hoes, built off loyalty and honesty.”

Lil Wayne joins in with a verse, which is seemingly unrelated to his own song, “I Miss My Dawgs” from his 2004 album, Tha Carter. On his verse, he makes several dog-related analogies to his own loyal pack.

In the song’s accompanying video, clips of YG and Wayne with their friends and family at various points in their lives.

Check out the “Miss My Dawgs” video above.