MorMor Announces His Debut EP With The Soulful Neo-Disco Of ‘Waiting On The Warmth’

Perhaps more so than any artist in recent memory with just a couple songs to their name, MorMor (real name Seth Nyquist) has generated an absolute ton of buzz. His debut single “Heaven’s Only Wishful” was an enigmatic track that was heavily shared and blogged, and its follow-up, “Whatever Comes To Mind,” proved that he has more than just one worthwhile song. Through all of this, MorMor has kept pretty quiet about his plans for an album or EP, but now there’s news: His debut EP, Heaven’s Only Wishful, will be released next week, on June 22 via his own label, Don’t Guess.

MorMor also shared a video for a new song. “Waiting On The Warmth” again demonstrates his ability to draw from multiple genres in one song and sound like a master of all of them. While the verses sound like minimal soulful R&B, the chorus blooms into a funky neo-disco gem. In just a few songs, MorMor has established himself as an exciting creative to keep an eye on, which makes the quickly upcoming release of his first EP very satisfying.

Listen to “Waiting On The Warmth” above and check out the Heaven’s Only Wishful album art and tracklist below.


1. “Heaven’s Only Wishful”
2. “Lost”
3. “Whatever Comes to Mind”
4. “Waiting on the Warmth”
5. “Find Colour”

Heaven’s Only Wishful is out 6/22 via Don’t Guess.