Mulatto Puts On An Elaborate Burlesque Show In Her ‘Sex Lies’ Video With Lil Baby

Mulatto and Lil Baby put on an elaborate burlesque show with the help of DC Young Fly in the video for “Sex Lies” from the deluxe version of Mulatto’s debut album Queen Of Da Souf. Depicting the Atlanta rappers getting prepared backstage, the video employs DC Young Fly as the host, who welcomes the masked guests to “Big Latto’s Sex Lies Experience.” Latto herself appears in some classic costumes, cavorting in a giant martini glass and carousing on a massive fruit spread.

The video makes reference to Mulatto’s recent live show controversty as well. The 21-year-old was criticized for performing at a concert in a semi-packed club, where attendees weren’t wearing masks. In the video, the showgoers are seated at the recommended six-foot space and wearing bulky paint respirators, while DC Young Fly reminds them repeatedly to “wear your masks.” Of course, it’s showy and sarcastic, which isn’t really needed — that cow has left the barn, so to speak — but it does make for a cool image thanks to the contrast between the guests’ classy dress and their Bane-ish headgear.

Watch the “Sex Lies” video above.

Queen Of Da Souf (Extended Version) is out now on RCA Records. Get it here.