Chris Stapleton, Lil Nas X, Tommy Lee, And Many More Pay Homage In The Hilarious ‘Muppets Mayhem’ Trailer

Okay, folks, this is not a drill. The Muppets Mayhem series is finally coming to Disney+, and when I say “everybody is in it,” I really mean EVERYBODY IS IN IT.

Muppets media is well-known for its hilarious cameos — who doesn’t love the Muppets? — but this musical film, which follows the house/jam band Dr. Teeth And The Electric Mayhem as they try to record their first album after 40 years, has all the justification it needs to pack in the guest stars like fans at a Phish concert.

You want musicians? Series stars Lilly Singh and Tahj Mowry (as a pair of record execs) pair up the band with EDM stars DeadMau5 and Zedd, while an in-film documentary clip features Chris Stapleton, Lil Nas X, and Tommy Lee paying homage to the fictional band and even crediting them with their influence.

Weird Al makes an appearance in the clip above, as do Cheech and Chong. Kesha shows up. Not only does Morgan Freeman show up, but he also does so rocking a bright blue wig and matching fedora! There’s even a Grease/Anchorman-style Stan gang war after Dr. Teeth accidentally upsets the Beyhive AND the Swifties at the same time (have mercy on his soul, Jesus)!

You can check out the trailer above and catch all episodes of the series on Disney+ beginning May 10.