Nasty Cherry’s ‘Win’ Is A Confident New Wave Pop Anthem Co-Written By Charli XCX

Nasty Cherry, the rock band made up of Kitten’s Chloe Chaidez, Star Wars set decorator Georgia Somary, Charli XCX drummer Deborah Knox-Hewson, and model Gabbriette Bechtel, have released their first single today. The XCX-penned “Win” is a winsome pop anthem, confident and right out of the gate. “Win” utilizes a New Order-esque guitar riff and builds to rock catharsis, and although it sounds pretty different from XCX’s own music you can hear its pop DNA in the brilliantly catchy chorus.

Nasty Cherry are signed to XCX’s Vroom Vroom Recordings, and the singer worked closely with the band on their forthcoming debut EP. “Win” was co-written with Justin Raisen, who has also worked with Angel Olsen and Sky Ferreira. The band sounds a little bit like a glossier Ferreira or a punk-influenced Charli XCX. They may be a “girl group,” but Nasty Cherry is definitely more Sleater-Kinney than Spice Girls.

“Win” is a take-no-prisoners, give-no-f*cks anthem. “I think it’s got what could be considered a lot of male energy about it,” Knox-Hewson said of the song in a recent interview. “I think that’s really cool coming from women—being very fearless in saying what you want and taking it.”

Listen to Nasty Cherry’s debut single “Win” above.

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