St. Vincent Is Producing The New Sleater-Kinney Album, And Their Fans Are Freaking Out

St. Vincent probably never sleeps. Since her last album, Masseduction, came out in late 2017, she’s already managed numerous live iterations of the material, complete with reimagined arrangements and wildly unique stage shows. Her latest, in fact, even received its own album release, with Masseducation being released in late 2018. She was even managing the occasional DJ set between performances during the same time. But though she’s been a little quiet for the past month or two, it appears that she’s once again been hard at work at something new, and this time working with a different — and pretty incredible — artist.

In a photo posted to social media, St. Vincent revealed that she is working on the new Sleater-Kinney album. Of course the pair of Annie Clark and Carrie Brownstein (also known for her TV show Portlandia) have a long history together, which has included a reported romance that has evolved into a sturdy friendship. Brownstein famously mock-interviewed Clark for her Masseduction promo cycle, and St. Vincent has, in turn, covered Sleater-Kinney. The pairing makes total sense, as St. Vincent is clearly influenced by the iconic indie rockers, and has caused something of a mild internet freak out.

This will be Sleater-Kinney’s first album since 2015’s excellent No Cities To Love, which was their first record in ten years. St. Vincent, for her part, doesn’t have an extensive history of producing for other artists, making this all the more exciting. 2019 just got real.