Nick Cannon, Who Has 12 Children, Has One Ex-Girlfriend He Wishes He’d Had Kids With

Nick Cannon explained why monogamy isn’t for him on several occasions in the past year-plus. He has 12 children — the most recent baby arrived in December — with six different women because he just has too much love to give.

“I never want to generalize the relationships I have now, [like], ‘Oh, these my ladies!’ That’s sill. I have individual relationships with each person in my life, and I respect … their peace,” Cannon said in an interview with The Shade Room shared last week. “I’m not a private person, but I try to give everybody who wants to operate in privacy and keep their life personal, I love it. … I’ve had every type of relationship with a woman that a man could ever imagine.”

But moments later, the one-time Emmy winner reflected on two particularly lovable exes. When asked to name the love of his life, Cannon gushed over Mariah Carey, his ex-wife with whom he shares twins Monroe and Moroccan:

“I always talk about that, and then it goes viral and all her fans get mad at me. I’ll say, I was 12 years old with Mariah Carey pictures on my wall, and that becomes my wife. And the fact that she’s the coolest person I ever met. I get a lot of this delightful disposition from her. She’s just always happy, always doing for others — no matter what’s happening in life. I’m like, wow, a person can really operate like that and don’t allow negative energy into their space. When I found that out about her and saw how remarkable she was, like, that woman is not human. She’s a gift from God.”

That led directly into an even dicier question: Which ex does he wish he’d had a baby with?

“Everybody talks about having kids,” Cannon responded. “If I say this, I know it’s gonna go viral, but […] when Christina Milian were doing [the 2003 movie] Love Don’t Cost A Thing, I remember when I found out she was pregnant — did I have kids yet? I don’t know, but I was like, ‘Dang, man.’ But I was so happy for her.”

He added, “We was kids in love early on, and so you talk about that, but […] life plans it out. The universe gives it how it’s supposed to be given. […] That was the homie, and we definitely had our romantic conversations about what it would be like back then.”

Cannon and Milian dated in the early 2000s, years before Cannon married Carey in 2008. Cannon and Carey split in 2014 and finalized their divorce in 2016 (as noted by People).

Watch Cannon’s full The Shade Room interview below.