Gucci Mane Reportedly Offered To ‘Handle’ Eminem For Nick Cannon During Their Beef

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Remember when Nick Cannon had beef with Eminem over Mariah Carey? The story now includes Gucci Mane offering his assistance. At least, it does according to Nick Cannon, who’s been known to make outrageous claims in interviews before. This one, however, has a whiff of truth about it — after all, Gucci Mane clearly doesn’t think much of Em, judging from his recent interview where he decries the Kamikaze rapper’s debated GOAT status.

In a recent interview with Vlad TV, which you can watch above, Cannon says that at the height of his feud with Eminem, who had dissed his then-wife Mariah Carey one time too many for his taste, Gucci Mane stepped in with an offer to “handle” Eminem for him. “You know what’s funny?” he asks during the interview. Asked about the recent Gucci interview about Eminem’s “king of rap” status, Cannon is reminded that “when me and Eminem so-called had the beef, the whole thing with Mariah, [Gucci Mane] was one of the first people to be like ‘Hey bruh. We can go handle it.'”

He also points out that Gucci appeared on Mariah’s song “Obsessed,” which was a direct shot at Eminem at the time, going so far as to include Mariah herself portraying an Eminem doppelgänger stalking her throughout. Cannon suggests a re-listen to the song with this context in mind, asserting that Gucci’s verses become rather straightforward Eminem disses. As he says, “Gucci is about that smoke.” Considering how Eminem has previously reacted to criticism, it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out once Eminem catches wind of all the sh*t talking going on lately.

Just for reference, here’s the “Obsessed” remix featuring Gucci Mane: