Nicki Minaj’s New Madame Tussauds Wax Figure Is Causing Confusion Among Fans

Questionable statuary is the hallmark of Madame Tussauds wax museum — especially when it comes to hip-hop, for some reason. The latest performer to be honored with her own wax figure is Nicki Minaj and as per usual, the end result has been a little… shall we say, “disappointing.” The statue was unveiled in Germany, but it didn’t take long for fans stateside to get wind of the less-than likeness and fire up their best jokes for a good, old-fashioned Twitter roast.

Of the complaints against it, most were focused on the face, which doesn’t much resemble Nicki at all. In fact, some fans were quick to compare the facial features to any celebrity but Nicki Minaj.

Others wondered about the selection of the pose, which was taken from Nicki’s 2014 “Anaconda” video. The look from that video, while iconic in its own right, was seen as a less-than representative way to honor the star, who is more often associated with her colorful, “Barbie”-esque aesthetic.

One observer wondered how this sort of thing keeps happening because it seems like wax would be way more workable than many other materials.

All in all, the reception was pretty far from enthusiastic. Of course, in previous instances, the statues were eventually corrected before their final display, so perhaps that’s what will happen here. We should all hope so because, as of now, Nicki’s wax figure is nearly unidentifiable.