Nicki Minaj’s Motion Was Denied Against Her Husband’s Rape Accuser’s Lawyer For Alleged Defamatory Statements

Nicki Minaj brags about not having any musical competition and in some cases that may be true but the “Red Ruby Da Sleeze” rapper just took a minor loss in the court of law. Although the songwriter did secure a default judgement in February against a YouTuber who failed to respond to her defamation lawsuit. However, according to Vibe, Minaj’s luck did not pull through in her defamation case against lawyer Tyrone Blackburn.

The outlet is reporting that the musician’s motion to sanction Blackburn, the legal representative for her husband Kenneth Petty’s rape accuser (Jennifer Hough) was denied by the East New York judge presiding over the case.

In his statement to the court obtained by AllHipHop, Judge James R. Cho stated, “The court does not find Hough’s decision to pursue a motion for default judgment against [Nicki] sanctionable, notwithstanding [Nicki’s] claim that the motion lacked merit.”

Judge Cho continued, “Here, [Hough] did not have an obligation to withdraw her motion for default judgment against Nicki simply because counsel for [Nicki] considered the motion ‘frivolous.’”

On the other hand the judge was sure to drill home the point that Hough’s attorney still has a long way to go in this ongoing battle. “Blackburn should not take the denial of the motion for sanctions as in any way endorsing his behavior,” said Judge Cho.

The rapper and her husband have been battling with Hough in court since she filed suit against the couple in August 2021. In her suit, Hough accused them of defamation and witness intimidation.Minaj has continously denied the allegation.

The case reportedly gotten so bad that according to the outlet, in December 2022, a judge allegedly ordered Petty and Hough to come a settlement but that has yet to had.