Nicki Minaj Jumped On The Viral NPC TikTok Trend But Had A Hilariously Hard Time Keeping Up

Nicki Minaj is no stranger to social media. Whenever she’s not taking a temporary hiatus for personal reasons, the “Barbie World” rapper actively engages with her massive Barb fan base across platforms or claps back at rumors.

As she continues to work hard on the final touches of her forthcoming album, Pink Friday 2, Nicki took a break to let loose on TikTok. During her livestream on Sunday (August 13), she jumped on the viral NPC TikTok trend but had a hilariously hard time keeping up.

In the screen-recorded clip shared by Pop Base, as fans flood her broadcast with different virtual skins and items for her to turn into a sound effect, she couldn’t keep up. Nicki is a lyrical beast on the microphone, but her on-the-spot improvisation in alignment with the fad could use some work.

To explain the movement, the NPC (or “non-playable character”) trend, made popular by viral star PinkyDoll, is a role-play exercise where the broadcast pretends to be an idle background user in a video game controlled by those in the stream. With each gift, item, or skin donated, the streamer must incorporate a fun verbal quip about it once it appears on the screen.

Nicki managed to nail the microphone emoji effect, saying, “You know what I do on the mic. I destroy these h*es.” However, as more items, including an animated breakfast combo and a medieval helmet (great helm), she laughed her way through it as she tried to find the perfect catchphrase.

At one point, she even broke character when fans shared a hearted hand gif with her. “I told y’all about them hands. Don’t get blocked,” yelled Nicki.

Nicki Minaj might not have a future as the next big NPC TikToker, but she still is one of the greatest rappers ever to enter the spotlight.