Nicki Minaj Called Out TMZ For Their ‘Dummy” Behavior After Reporting On A Pending Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

Britney Spears isn’t the only musician who’s had an issue with TMZ. Nicki Minaj has also had enough of her name being attached to the outlet’s reporting. The “Barbie World” rapper took to Twitter to share a piece of her mind with the organization.

In a new article on their site, TMZ reported that Minaj was currently being hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit over her 2014 song “I Lied,” which was featured on her album The Pinkprint. Although budding musician Julius Johnson is bringing forth the suit, Minaj urged TMZ to use their better judgment when attaching her to the story.

“Do I make beats? You first on the list, dummy 🥳,” she wrote in a tweet.

In the case, Johnson alleges that the beat for the track is a rip-off of a song of his released years prior. Minaj wants to know why the TMZ piece used her name instead of the song’s producer Mike Will Made It.

According to a source close to TMZ, a representative for Minaj echoed this, saying, ” Clearly Nicki is a lyricist, so the claim in terms of production will obviously have to be addressed by the applicable parties.”

Minaj later tweeted, “Distractions. Muva be knowin 😩😂” — a move to assure fans she will not be devoting any more time to addressing rumors from TMZ. That should give her time to tend to her forthcoming album, due in October.