Nicki Minaj’s ‘Red Ruby Da Sleeze’ Video Is A Sexy, Self-Assured, And Simple Introduction Of The Rapper’s New Alter Ego

The video for Nicki Minaj‘s new single “Red Ruby Da Sleeze” dropped on Mother’s Day eve. Filmed on her homeland of Trinidad and Tobago, it finds Minaj flexing comfortably as her confidence in her bars and beauty shines through. Sporting nearly half a dozen designer looks while relaxing between 2023 Carnival festivities, the musician takes in the tranquility offered by the country’s oceanside as her brash lyrics create an enticing juxtapose energy.

Minaj has proven that she can effortlessly dapple in pop music — see her latest feature with Kim Petras — but her roots are firmly planted in slick-talking rap tracks.

“Who the f*ck told bitches they was me now / I knew these b*tches was slow / I ain’t know these b*tches senile / Married a shooter case you N***** tried to breathe loud / Boom your face off then I tell him cease-fire/I’m the A, B side,” raps Minaj.

But that isn’t the only standout lines that caught fans’ ears. The lines “700 on them horses when we fixing to leave / But I’on fuck with horses since Christopher Reeves” and “Dorito b*tches / Mad that they nachos (not chose),” sparked rumors that she and another emcee is involved in a silent feud.

Co-produced by Go Grizzly and Cheeze Beatz, the track ushered in Minaj’s fierce new music persona. The song was initially released on March 3, with a teaser video clip dropped soon after. She even debuted the track live at Rolling Loud Los Angeles. Now the full video is finally here. You can watch it above.