Nicki Minaj Issued A Call For Fans To Take A Period Of Celibacy And ‘Find Out Who You Are’

Nicki Minaj has been packing arenas on her Pink Friday 2 Tour, which has fallen in good favor with the Barbz. Over the course of the tour, Nicki has been performing hit-after-hit from her catalog, which spans nearly two decades. She has also shown love to her loyal fan base, by sharing stories with them, shouting them out to the audience, and offering little tidbits of advice.

During her DC show last night, Minaj had some words to say in regard to practicing celibacy.

“Stop being a f*cking hoe,” Minaj said to the audience. “Abstain from sex and find out who you are first. And then, the universe will do it for you.”

Many of the Barbz cheered Minaj on, however, some found the message surprising. Over the course of her career, Minaj has been outspoken about her sexuality — notably with hits like “Anaconda” and “Super Freaky Girl.” But closer to the end of her spiel, Minaj made it clear that any vow of celibacy doesn’t have to be permanent.

“Abstain from sex for a little while,” Minaj said. “But if a [man] ever fumbled me, he stupid as f*ck.”

You can see a fan-taken video from the show above.