Nicki Minaj Wants An Unconventional Opener For Her ‘Pink Friday 2’ Tour: Comedian Katt Williams

Nicki Minaj is just weeks away from beginning her Pink Friday 2 tour and while she had yet to announce openers as recently as last month, during a holiday live stream with fans this past weekend, Nicki proposed a fascinating opener: comedian Katt Williams.

On Instagram, Nicki made her case for having Williams on her tour. Noting that Katt’s “the busiest man in show business” (questionable), she asked her fans, “Can y’all hit up Katt Williams and ask him what would be his price … to be a part of the Pink Friday 2 Gag City Tour?”

While bringing a standup comic on a rap tour might seem unconventional, some parallels could make it a good idea. Like Nicki, Williams has experienced something of a resurgence due to a wave of attention from some controversial comments that have generated conflict with him among his peers. And he’s long been a hip-hop favorite, often having rappers as openers on his own tours and frequently using his connections with rappers as material for his standup.

It seems unlikely that Nicki will be able to secure Williams for her tour, as he is currently on his own tour which has dates across the US running concurrently with her own. Unfortunately for her, it doesn’t look like Katt will be moving to Ga City for the foreseeable future.