Watch Nine Inch Nails’ Riveting, Ominous Performance On A Very Bizarre ‘Twin Peaks’

The third most impressive thing about the rebooted Twin Peaks — after the fact that it’s happening and David Lynch’s ability to keep up his trademark oddness — is the musical guests the show has been able to secure. We’ve already seen Chromatics and Sharon Van Etten play gigs in the titular town, but last night’s guest is definitely the biggest one yet.”The Nine Inch Nails” played the Bang Bang Bar (b.k.a. The Roadhouse) in the middle of last night’s episode.

The band performed “She’s Gone Away” off of the group’s release from last year Not The Actual Events. Playing in the town does satisfy Trent Reznor’s particularly weird streak, without freaking anyone out by mailing them black powder. And a stop in Washington does make sense, given how much the group is touring.

Dave Navarro and Dave Grohl couldn’t make it to the bar on the odd little town’s southern end, but Atticus Ross and Co. made sure that their performance was anything but “vegan restaurant patron-type sh*t.” The Roadhouse seems like a steak and potatoes crowd anyway.

If last night’s episode left you confused, you aren’t alone. It’s hard to say much definitively about the show. But we can say that Nine Inch Nails performance was pretty great. Give it a watch up top.