Lil Dicky, The National, And More Join The ‘NOW: Climate Action Campaign’ To Fight Climate Change

With climate change continuing to grow in importance as one of the most urgent issues facing society today, non-profit booster Propeller and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) are launching a new awareness initiative called the “NOW: Climate Action Campaign” to raise public consciousness of the looming dangers of climate change.

Beginning Earth Day (April 22) and continuing throughout the year, NOW will leverage the platforms of musicians and festivals to promote climate awareness. To encourage fans to take action — signing petitions, making donations, planting trees, and signing up for education courses — artists and festival partners will offer prizes like custom bikes and more.

Among the artists participating are Lil Dicky, who is offering a trip to an exotic location impacted by climate change so fans can see its effects firsthand, Julien Baker, A-Trak, and The National, while BUKU Music + Arts Festival, Deep Tropics Festival, and Sub Pop Records are all billed as participants as well.

Propeller, a digital marketing company that works to connect non-profit social causes with celebrity endorsers to, well, propel these movements beyond what they might be capable of otherwise, highlighted the importance of the NOW campaign in a press statement from founder Brandon Deroche. “Climate change is only going to be solved with sustained attention and pressure from all of us, and we see this campaign as a way to help energize the movement,” he said.

Lil Dicky, who previously recorded the celebrity charity song “Earth” in 2019 and donated the profits to environmental causes, echoed Deroche’s sentiment. “Climate change is an incredibly important cause for me,” he said. “I’m excited to get fans that may be new to the cause activated through the NOW Climate Action Campaign, and give them the chance to see the impact of climate change first hand.”

More information will be forthcoming but for now, you can learn more at and