Offset May Have Just Revealed His Solo Album’s Auspicious Release Date

Getty Image

With Takeoff releasing his solo debut album The Last Rocket tomorrow, Offset is officially the last remaining Migo without an album of his own. However, we may now know when that will be changing, thanks to a seemingly innocuous tweet Offset posted today.

As you can see, it reads “12-14-91,” which is a vital date to Offset because it’s the day he entered the world as Kiari Kendrell Cephus in Lawrenceville, GA. However, this year, the 14th day of December falls on a Friday, which has become the de facto official music release day for major label artists. Without further context, it’s impossible to say absolutely that Offset just revealed his album’s release date, but given rappers’ propensity for using numerology to promote their album releases — see: October 17 for pretty much anything Gucci Mane-related — it’s probably a safer bet than playing the lotto.

Once Offset joins his cousin Quavo and his nephew Takeoff in releasing his solo material, it’s apparently right back to the lab for the North Atlanta trio. They’ve already begun hinting at Culture III, the followup to their 2017 and 2018 albums, as well as inking a deal with ESPN to produce theme music for the network’s coverage of the NBA throughout the season. It seems that Migos aren’t taking any days off anytime soon — even, if things shake out as predicted, on Offset’s birthday.