Offset Confirms A New Migos Album And Gives A Tribute To Ric Flair During His Surprise WWE Appearance

After Tuesday night, Offset might just be the best member of Migos according to WWE fans. Tuesday, the professional wrestling company’s B program Smackdown was in Atlanta for their weekly show. Offset (and Vince McMahon) didn’t squander an opportunity to cross-promote his brand and support a product he genuinely enjoys.

Following a typical over-the-top introduction from the ring announcer, Offset, draped in a Ric Flair-like robe, dropped a Ric Flair “woo” before introducing the hall of famer’s nine-time champion daughter. In a exclusive interview later, Offset announced the planned Migos album. On his WWE appearance, Offset says he is a “big fan,” and that he “always loved wrestling.”

“I had to do it for the culture, you know me and Ric Flair got a long history,” Offset says. “We (the Migos) got a big eight-time platinum song, ‘Ric Flair Drip,’ that I dedicated to him when I did the song. So I always represent for my brother (Ric).”

As the quick backstage interview winds down, the interviewer feeds Offset a softball question, asking what fans can look forward to seeing next.

“We’re working on our next Migos album, this my first time really saying it on any interview,” Offset says. “So you’re special, (this is the) WWE Smackdown way and we gone smack down on these records and get it together.”

While it appears the Migos’ new album isn’t close to complete, Offset felt comfortable talking about the album, so hopefully, it’ll be out by the 2020 date he promised in March. Offset made a similar guest-appearance on Jimmy Kimmel this summer as well.